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Very interesting and easy I like!

Best app around there

Best free app to learn finish

Cant hear it

I cant hear any of the spoken words. Even with the volume turned up all the way its too quiet.

Fun app

This app is fun and easy to use for very basic words. I like the quizzes and reviews that review what youve learned. The lists are long, but when you get to them daily, its surprising how much you learn.

Great so far!

Just started using, super easy to use and am so excited to get in touch with my Finnish roots

So far so good

Ive only had this app and hour but it keeps asking for a review so here is an hours worth of a review. So far so good. The only issue I have with it is when the voice is translating a question it does not give it an inflection. It states the question like a sentence. Otherwise Im having fun with it.

Long lists of words

I like that there is a lot of content and multiple ways to study the words. The problem Im having is that the study word lists are so long that I dont even want to go through the whole thing in one go but rather jump right into the games but then I dont know all the words so I dont do as well. And sometimes the pictures dont make sense to me as what they are in English let alone Finnish. But good overall!

Great vocab practice

Lots of different exercises help remember words

Good Starting point

Didnt know any Finnish before I started this. While word lists arent the best place to start, this will provide basic vocabulary.

Vocabulary only

This app is good for learning individual words (and their pronunciation) in a number of categories, but it is strictly vocabulary; nothing is offered regarding grammar or sentence structure.

Learn Finnish

Hard language but this program helps you get started learning.

Great for Beginners

I just got this app and already I am learning the basics. I enjoy the memory skill sets

Its the best free app for Finnish

The app is good, I like the native speaker and the quiz features. I just wish there was more content on sentence building and application of the language in real world situations. Duo lingo has the right formula for good and rewarding language learning but they dont offer Finnish. So this app is the really the best way to go for spare time learners.

Helps a lot

I expected terrible results, and it is great.

Good app

I love this app. Only thing I dont like is that the study lists are a bit too long.

Works well!

Im really liking this app, it has good vocabulary lists, it is easy to use, and it helps me track my progress.


I really like it.It gives you a chance to practice the language.YAY!

Good vocabulary for beginners!

Im new to the Finnish language and so far, this app has been helpful!

Good basics

This is a great beginners FREE app to learn Finnish. I like being able to pick and choose a topic to learn. Also, its very good at reinforcing your wrong answers to encourage you to get it correct without repeating an identical format. This keeps it from being boring. It would be ideal to have an indicator of some kind to let you know how much of a certain topic area is left to study, i.e. Pages in a chapter but related to how much of the exercises you have done on completing that topic, and a separate marker to show your competency of that topic so you can visually have an idea if you should go back and further study that topic or have you exhausted all exercises on that topic. Finally it would be great if you can choose independent study and pick anywhere in the app or follow a tutorial that forces you through a certain topic before another, a logical sequence of study for people who are not linguistically savvy..

Looks awesome so far

My father speaks Finnish but never bothered to teach me so Im using this app so far he is impressed with me. Guess its working.

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